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We hope this page never gets used. But this page is for the players who cannot follow our simple guidelines and rules.


Players Name Reason for being Banished
Season 2

Heroic Druid

Unfortunately, I had to banish Heroic Druid for unhonorable behavior and disagreement with my decisions. Druid reported mostly his wins. He often quitted from games where he could lose and avoided finishing them. This is not acceptable for honorable WCL players.


he used ghost heroes and disagreed to follow mandatory WCL rules (he stated that he will continue to use ghost heroes)

Season 1


map editing (added 60 each resource + 100000 gold)

2cool4ucris, agapi_cristian

he cheats 3 years in online games, was removed from TOH and WW, last cheated: added 500 crusaiders, 120 zealots, used ghost heroes